Sunday, June 6, 2010

omigosh you guys.

highlights as of late: blondes, sissy, wombs, letters, the west, david and cody simpson.

basically, all of these have something to do with charlotte coming to visit london. it was amazing. best week of the year!!!!!!

we went to two shows! legally blonde and oliver! oliver has been a favorite of mine since february, so she couldn't miss that one. and somehow i talked her into going with me to legally blonde the musical. OMIGOSH YOU GUYS. i loved it sooooooo much. i could not stop smiling/laughing the entire time. ever since 2001 that has been a favorite movie of mine, and i have been waiting and waiting to see this. okay. i doubt char liked it as much as i did, i don't think that would have been possible. best. show. ever.

we also went to almost every single museum and market in london. well, actually not even close, but it sure felt like it. she loved the markets. who doesn't?? i found a new favorite food at borough! yogurt covered dried raspberries. yummmmm. the museums were great too. i gained a new appreciation for modern art on a repeat visit to the tate modern. i really hated it the first time i went and then only went to the gift shop my second visit, but this time i actually gave it a chance...sort of. the natural history museum was something that we especially liked and is something that i will never forget. why???? the womb room. it has been haunting me for over a week now.

it was sure sad to see char leave. we had the best time. i learned a lot from her. like... apparently there is a cage full of geckos that are currently residing in my bedroom. and no, they aren't those beaded crafts. they are real live reptiles.

thanks for coming sissy! see you in a month.

also, we took a trip to the west coast/wales this past week. the lake district was my favorite spot, expect that i almost got stuck in an adder breeding ground, but luckily i escaped. and luckily david archuleta saved my life, in a way. i hate snakes almost as much as i hate the idea of geckos in my bedroom.

caroline and i discovered our new favorite singer: cody simpson. iyiyi can't stop listening to his songs.

and....the eclipse posters are all over the london underground. my life just got a little bit better. july 5th can't come soon enough.