Monday, July 12, 2010

just around the river bend.

i love water.
i love swimming in the ocean.
i love boats.
i love cruising.
and now, i love kayaking.

for the first time ever, i went kayaking. and i loved it.
usually i hate anything that will make my arms sore, basically because i have no arm strength whatsoever.
but, this was different.
there is something relaxing, calm and wonderful about paddling your own little kayak around while floating down a river.
and that something is the reason why i loved it.
maybe i will even try something a little less tame.
something with more rapids.
i don't even care if i missed the front of my shins with the sunscreen.
and i also don't care if my arms will be sore for the next few weeks.

by the way, i am in texas right now. yep. i wish i was home, mainly because i haven't been home very much lately. (10 days all year) here is a breakdown of my travels from the past three weeks:

london, england - oslo, norway - copenhagen, denmark - tallinn, estonia - stockholm, sweden - milan, italy - aosta, italy - florence, italy - assisi, italy - naples, italy - capri, italy - amalfi, italy - rome, italy - provo, utah - austin, texas.

basically, i am sick of traveling. i never thought i would say that, but i am. maybe you think it sounds really fun. my friend matt said it nicely: "haha wow, you are like a vacation superhero". well... i could look at it that way because all of the places i have been have been absolutely amazing. but nothing is like home. if you want to catch up, august is probably the best time for me, seriously.

other things that i love lately, besides kayaking and being back in america:
refillable dr. pepper, eclipse, cafe rio, bella kissing jacob and edward in the same movie, the death and life of charlie st. cloud, texting, texas longhorns, cupcake books, lady antebellum, a thousand splendid suns.

and, some things that will be added to my bettering list:
•get in shape - on saturday i ran 6 miles with sherry. woooooowwwww. i almost died.
•learn how to sail so that zac efron will fall in love with me. (read charlie st. cloud!!!!)