Tuesday, April 20, 2010

missing: sissy

funny name, right? well, it really isn't that funny.
this is the name of the icelandic volcano that has been erupting since thursday.
the result?? all airports in england are closed, indefinitely.
it sure has been fun to have the BYU students here longer.
but, my favorite older sister charlotte was supposed to arrive early this morning.
thanks to eyjafjallajökull, our fun plans for spring break have vanished.

i imagined that it would be more fun than our amazing trip that we took to disneyland last august for her birthday:

these were big dreams too, because that is a hard trip to beat. really really hard.

i had even bigger imaginations about what this week would be. we were going to go and see the west end musical the lion king. she was going to try all of my favorite places to eat... nando's, tortilla, hard rock, gbk and wagamama. we were going to visit hampton court and kensington palace. we were going to go to borough market, camden and portobello road. she was going to tell me how my cats are doing. she was going to bring me some spring clothes to mix my wardrobe up a bit. we were going to speak with british accents and people watch in hyde park. and we were going to go museuming. it was going to be the absolutely bestest week of the entire year. but, this perfectly wonderful week will never occur now. and it makes me so depressed.

last thursday at 5:15 pm, after finishing my culture and community final, i started getting really really excited about charlotte coming. this is how i felt:

i had heard that there was a volcano, but i never imagined that the airports would be closed for SIX days. i mean, seriously. now, after realizing that she really can't come i feel like this:

charlotte is supposed to be here with me.
i miss my sissy.

you are missing in the sissy picture. where are you sissy??

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  1. i really like this post. I also am really sad that I am not in London. You made me even more depressed when you listed off all the things that I am missing. I might cry...