Wednesday, January 13, 2010

defying gravity

london is incredible. seriously.
i have been here less than a week, and i already love it.
i feel a little overwhelmed because there is so much to do
and so much to see.
but this just makes me look forward to the next six months more and more.

the living situation is kind of insane. I am in a room with 13 other girls - crazy. it is sort of split in half, and the girls on my side are really fun. the place where we live is in the sort of in the ritzy part of london, and it is this cute, old fashioned six story apartment building. it is great. although, we have been warned about the rats in london. every time that i see a dark shadow or hear a little squeak, i am paranoid and think that it is a rat. it probably is, but i'm just not going to think about that. another thing about the house that i'm trying not to think about is the glass paned showers. we are trying to invent a way in which our towel can cover the door somehow. yesterday, that plan failed though and the towel landed on the floor.

we are trying not to act like tourists. i mean, we are going to be here for awhile, so what's the need to take a million pictures everywhere we go?? that plan worked until we decided to make a side trip to see big ben yesterday. hence, the pictures.

st. pauls cathedral

the london eye

tourists at big ben - man they look ridiculous.

last night was incredible. we decided to try our luck and attempt getting standby tickets to wicked. not only did we get a great price on the tickets, we had amazing seats. i love wicked. it was my third time seeing it, and i still love it, and still love the songs, even though i have heard them over 50 times each. musicals in london are the best, i plan to see many more.


i love classes here. today we went to the national gallery for an assignment which was great. i love that museum. there are so many great artists and some of my favorite paintings.

i am planning what jess and i are going to do when she comes to visit. i am so excited for her to come! les, jess and the traveling dress are going to see everything.

"guys, it looks like you have a lot of feng shui."
"can people even have feng shui?"

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  1. AAAHHHH!!!!!! I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! i want to be there SO bad! take pictures of your cute little house/ aparment building! i want to see it. though the showering situation ha! oh and hopefully i can fit the traveling dress in my suitcase! and i don't know if it will even be warm enough to wear it in austria. i find out the dates of my one week break, its from june 11 til june 20! should i come then?!?! i think i should, it will be close to my birthday and kinda close to yours! hopefully you can have the place mapped out by then and you can be my tour guide! oh and i am way jealous you saw wicked! i've never seen it, and really want to. we should definitely go to a musical while i'm there k???