Sunday, January 24, 2010

the young victoria.

there are several reasons why i love this movie.
first: i am staying pretty much half a block away from kensington gardens and kensington palace, where princess victoria lived.
second: prince albert.
third: unrealistic hopes for love and relationships. but, seriously. guys need to watch this movie so that they know what girls deserve!
fourth: knowing that royalty have real lives and real relationships.
fifth: victoria became queen when she was eighteen, and i am eighteen.
sixth: it was absolutely the cutest movie i have pretty much ever seen. seriously, i can't wait until i can watch it again.

i suggest that everyone see this movie. you will love it.
kensington palace

my obsession with queen victoria grew when i went with my family to see inside of kensington palace today. seeing the palace is definitely one of my absolutely favorite things that i have done so far on the trip. i seriously loved it so much!

at the palace they are having an exhibition on the last debs. oh my goodness, never before in my life have i wanted to be a princess so badly.
i tried my hardest to learn their five etiquette lessons:

very useful. if the picture were clearer you could read the 'polite' way to decline an invite.

surprisingly, i balanced the book on my head.

since there were no handsome guys there to dance with me, my dad eagerly became my dancing partner.

Most favorite part of the entire exhibit. The deb dresses!!!

evening wear:
love, love, LOVE the one on the left.

afternoon party dresses:
again, the one on the left is my favorite. why don't they make dresses like these anymore?

so many accessories for one weekend!

Arguably my favorite part of london so far.

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