Wednesday, January 6, 2010

london's calling

it's been awhile, but not much has happened.
craft days, trips to salt lake, finals, christmas break
and life have kept us busy.

some sad things to report:
leslie leaves tomorrow for six months.
jess leaves in four months for six months.
study abroad will be amazing...
not seeing each other for eight months, not so amazing.
jess' bottlecap necklace did not turn out as hoped.

some exciting things to report:
leslie is going to london for six months, and leaves tomorrow.
leslie will attempt to obtain a british accent.
jess will be going to austria in april.
jess will learn german, and no one will understand what she is saying.

flying in airplanes is one of my absolutely least favorite things to do. i hate the smell. i hate the sound of strangers breathing. i hate the germs. i hate the food they serve. i hate being bored and trapped. i hate motion sickness. i hate having to pop my ears and not being able to.

i will just need to focus on the things i love about them. i love the flight attendant movie they show right before take off. i love doing sudoku puzzles. i love catching up in my journal. i love people watching (but not in a creepy way). and most of all, i love getting to the destination that you have looked forward to for so long.

i am bound to forget something extremely important in my packing. it pretty much always happens. hopefully i manage to remember my passport, laptop, warm coat and headwrap. with those things, i will survive.

after a new years resolution to keep in touch, we will be updating the blog bi-weekly. (each taking a turn.) who knows, this might be our best year ever.

"Well, one of you can use the capital 's' and the other one can use the lower case." han
"And, why would we need to do that?" el
"You know, E.S. and L.S., for your initials." han

han, we love you. but, for future reference, my initials are L.M.

"just let it happen"
les and jess

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