Thursday, January 28, 2010

on my own.

we are on a harry potter kick. i mean, being in england automatically causes us to speak in british accents. and obviously, this relates directly to harry potter. so... after quoting harry potter all week we decided it was time to take a trip to king's cross station in an attempt to go to hogwarts. sadly, this plan failed. we plan to dress up and try again in a few weeks. hopefully it works.

monday night was a life changing experience for me. i have no idea where les miserables has been all of my life. like, i read the abridged novel in ninth grade, and i had friends that were pretty much obsessed with the musical, but i never really thought much about it. i have no idea why because i absolutely love musicals. we decided to try our chances at standby tickets, and ended up with eighth row seats. it was AMAZING. i have been listening to the songs non stop ever since. it was a wonderfully complete night with les mis, ice cream, running up the escalators and being embarrassing on the lift.

roommates at les mis (well, plus karalyn and minus brittany and kira)

"one day more" - one of my favorites
the revolutionist in the picture is also a favorite.

on wednesday we went on another great day trip. we started the day off by going to brighton and seeing the royal pavilion. it was such a beautiful and ornate building. i loved every second that we spent looking around there. the architecture is indian and the interior is decorated chinese. a beautiful and intriguing combination.

royal pavilion

brighton pier

we spent most of the afternoon at battle abbey, the site of the battle of hastings. it was freezing, muddy, and there were a lot of sheep. nevertheless, it was interesting and very cool to be there.

i love anna, matching, and pink backpacks.

the last place we went was the cutest little town called rye. we just walked around for like an hour, but i loved it! it was SO adorable. i would love living in a small, quaint town like it.

favorite cobblestone road.

what a lovely place for a cup of tea.

today i went to see a play called nation with my family. i didn't know what to expect when i went because i had never heard of it before. but, it was so entertaining, i LOVED it. caroline and i are obsessed with mau, the beautiful, ripped, gorgeous black man who played the lead. i am pretty sure that we both spent the rest of the afternoon looking him up on the internet. ahhhh. MAU!!!!

it has been such a great week. seriously, every day has been great. i love london!

"will. not. happen." - daphne and mau

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