Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i'd do anything

saturday was the most culture filled day i have ever had in my life. we went to the community of southall for the day, which is only a fifteen minute train ride outside of london. it was the strangest experience ever. when we got out of the station, i seriously felt like i was in india. it was crazy. all of the people around us were indian, there were no tourists and it distinctly smelled like curry, everywhere. the purpose of us going to southall was to visit the sikh and hindu temples. it was a very interesting experience, i did not understand anything that they were doing. we had to take off our shoes, wash our hands to cleanse ourselves, put scarves on our heads and then observe the people worshipping there. being in kind of india for the day was really fun though! the day included visiting temples, bollywood music, bindhi and a unique indian meal!

so... the problem with seeing musicals is that the songs are stuck in your head for the rest of the week.
however, the good thing about musicals is that i LOVE them.
on monday night, our entire group had tickets to see oliver! it was amazing. the little boys in it were unbelievable cute and talented. when i was little i would watch the movie, and i had forgotten how much i loved the songs! also, after reading oliver twist for my english class here, it was extremely cool to see the musical. but, back to the problem. these songs keep running through my head. there have been several instances when i have been with roommates and we unknowingly, coordinately start whistling songs from the musical. also, whenever i am hungry i think "food, glorious food"... and then it starts all over again. it seems like these will be stuck until my next musical, which will hopefully be soon.

caroline and i at oliver!

day trips are probably my favorite part of the week. today we went to dover and canterbury, and i loved them both! in dover we saw the castle, the white cliffs and these cool underground wartime tunnels. the tunnels and castle were basically a maze, it was so fun. we then spent pretty much the entire afternoon in canterbury. after recently reading both the canterbury tales and murder in the cathedral, we were all very educated about canterbury. the cathedral was beautiful, as expected, and the town was really cute! i think i'll probably move to england when i'm older. i love everything about the towns. i could stay here forever.

at st. augustine's abbey in canterbury

interior of canterbury cathedral

well, other than that i have been busy with reading for all of my classes. it is sort of depressing when there is so much to do in london, but i have to stay at the centre and do homework. i try to get my priorities straight and do my homework in the middle of the night so that i can do fun things, though. oh, and i have good news - but jess already knows all about that. also, i am going to copenhagen next week!! i am super excited about it. too bad i don't speak danish! i will try to learn some while i'm there!

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