Tuesday, February 16, 2010


last weekend i went to copenhagen, denmark and absolutely loved it! the girls that i went with are so much fun! we had the best weekend, ever. so many funny things happened and we saw so much i loved it.

after some delays in london we finally made it to copenhagen pretty late. we were so lost, and it was dark, but everyone was really eager to help us - including this very drunk old man. our hostel was sort of sketchy, and on wednesday night we had to share a room. we were unsure if there were men or women in our room because of an ugly pair of huge man boots and some of the loudest snoring that i have ever heard. i didn't fall asleep until 3, i was so scared. it turned out to be girls though. another scary part of our hostel was the creepy facebook man in the lobby. he was always there and always on facebook. hello megan davis.

if you saw these boots by your bed, you would be scared too.

we woke up to a new roommate! she was staring at us when we woke up and was literally insane. after listening to her talk about castles, white trash american girls and driving across america for 20 minutes we escaped. later that night we requested to switch rooms when we saw she was still there...
here are other things that we did on thursday:
rosenburg castle:

ny carlsberg glyptotek museum: this might be my absolutely favorite museum that i have ever been to.

copenhagen university

cathedral of our lady - where we saw the original christus statue! it was so beautiful.

illum bakery, and the best cinnamon roll of my life

fredericksburg castle (actually military base) - we thought we were going to the beautiful castle, but when we tried to go in to the building, a many in camoflage came and asked what we were doing. yeah, it wasn't really the castle. there was no tour, no tour guide and no pictures. don't worry. we asked him if there were. hahaha

this is before we knew it was a military base, so of course we are posed.
the REAL fredericksburg castle - it was so beautiful. we saw a lot of carl bloch's paintings, which the church uses. they were amazing. i loved the castle.

denmark temple

christiania - this was a hippie part of town. i have never felt so uncomfortable in my entire life. we left as soon as we could.

saturday: our last day in copenhagen.
breakfast at illum bakery AGAIN! i will really miss it.

we saw the little mermaid statue where we met a group of irish boys. anna held hands with four of them. anna matkin hayes, you are my hero.
roskilde cathedral

viking museum - yes, we dressed up like vikings. it was so much fun.

delays at the airport for 7 hours. i hated it.

the immigration officers in london wouldn't let me across the border. i am seriously not a threat to the country, but he was threatening to send me back to denmark and i was so scared. i mean, what would i do in copenhagen? just live at the danhostel for the rest of my life? after questioning me for about half an hour he finally let me in. but i still hate that man.

we got back to the center at 4:30 AM. if you want to see some really sketchy people, ride the london public bus at 4 in the morning. so scary. we were so scared and pretty much everyone had to pee. not a good combination. yeah, i won't expand anymore.

anyway. copenhagen was great!!! i have never been so cold in my life, but at least london feels warm now. i want to go back to denmark sometime in the spring. i can only imagine how pretty it would be!

i love the girls i went with: anna, laura, arrin and karalyn! they are the best.

farvell! (goodbye in danish)

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