Tuesday, February 23, 2010

seaweed, i'll be yours forever.

hairspray is the most amazingly fun show i have seen in my entire life. i have never smiled so much or been so happy. ever. the songs were so incredible. tracy's parents were hilarious. (i was laughing so hard i cried). the gay dancers were so good and funny. tracy had an amazing voice. basically, i just loved it! if i had to pick my favorite musical so far, it would be hairspray. oh, i forgot to mention that i fell in love with seaweed during 'run and tell that.'

caroline and i at hairspray

for our day trip last week we went to blenheim palace and oxford university! it was a great day. there was surprisingly good and semi-warm weather, so the grounds at blenheim were especially beautiful.

blenheim palace and fountain.

anna and i in the gardens.

being in oxford was such a great experience. there were many different highlights.
first of all: moo moo's. there are over 200 flavors of milkshakes at this little place in the covered market. for me, the most indecisive person in the world, selecting which kind i wanted was one of the hardest choices of my life. after ordering mine, i was really disappointed because i saw at least 10 flavors that i would have liked more. but, my bueno bar milkshake was so delicious. no regrets.

my milkshake was better than hers. much much better.

second: i don't have a picture of this, but i love my new oxford hoodie. somehow i thought that i would be able to survive for 6 months without a hoodie. bad idea leslie. so, i fixed that problem. i wear it everyday now.

third: christ church college (aka hogwarts). i am not an obsessive harry potter fan, but i still loved seeing the school where they filmed ALL of the movies! it was so cool. but, want to know the coolest thing? we had tea in THE great hall. there were no candles hanging from the ceiling, but it was definitely the great hall. we spent the afternoon quoting the movies, practicing our spells and feeling sorry for ourselves for only being muggles! it was such a fun afternoon!

christ church college

other than that i have been busy with homework, camden market, nando's, dr. johnson's house and the lovely bones. if you haven't seen the lovely bones yet, be prepared to be creeped out. i came home with nail marks in my hands from clenching my fists and i was also very tense throughout my entire body. the movie stressed me out. so intense and so scary.

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