Tuesday, February 9, 2010

muggle space

kira and i after the dance. we matched. it was cute.

I seem to attract creeps. I have no idea why. I mean, they seem to pick me quite often, and it is pretty weird. This past week this has happened a few times…

Two of them were found at the YSA dress to impress dance on Friday …

•First. Imagine this: a man (I’d say about 30), from Australia, with a long blonde ponytail, earrings and sunglasses. Yes, he wore his sunglasses the entire night, even though it was dark. Scary. He started staring at all of us the second we walked in, and Kira automatically called him for my “team”. Thanks Kira. After awhile I noticed him staring at me. He finally came over and awkwardly started talking to me.

“Excuse me miss, but you look like Emma Watson. Although, I’m sure that you get that all of the time.”

“Yes, I get that a lot, but thank you.”

“Well, I think that you could model for Burberry. And that is a compliment.”


Later in the night: “So, why don’t you come to institute? I think that you should come. It’s every Thursday at 7:30. I hope to see you there!"

As I’m leaving. “Why are you leaving? You are missing all of the slow dances!”

Well, that didn’t sound as weird as it was at the time. A picture sure would have helped. But, that was just not an option.

•Second: I see this elf looking kid (he was really short and had elf ears), moving to the middle of the floor through everyone to come and talk to me. He awkwardly asked me to dance and then walked me to the remote corner of the dance floor – so weird. After swaying at me and having to yell to try to make a conversation, he asked me if I could get two of my friends to meet his two shy friends. I eagerly grabbed Kira and Brittany, who were so confused at why I was even talking to him in the first place. Then we met his friends. I think that they each said one word, seriously. It was so awkward. The best part was right when we all got there the first slow song of the night came on, and the elf said “well, this is embarrassing.” Yep, we just stood there. They didn’t even ask us to dance. It was so funny. Anna soon came and saved us by announcing that we were leaving. Anna is the best.

These were mostly funny because they only talked to me! And no one at the dance talked to us, it was so funny. I am still trying to decide if I will go to Institute on Thursday. Haha.

The other creepy thing happened yesterday while I was skyping at McDonalds. I noticed this man staring at me from the opposite side of the restaurant. I was getting nervous, especially when he came and stood directly behind me to see who I was skyping. He finally left, or so I thought. Nope. He came back downstairs about five minutes later with a tray of food for me, sat down directly across from me and tried to have a conversation. Okay, this really was a bad situation. I learned when I was four to never talk to strangers. Also, there was NO way that I was going to eat the food he bought me. I mean, he could have drugged it and then abducted me. Also, I was already talking to someone else on skype! It was the weirdest thing ever. I was getting nervous, and thought that he finally left. But, no. He was waiting for me upstairs. Ahh. On the way home I walked faster than I ever have in my entire life.

Well, everything other than those hilarious/horrifying experiences, the week has been great! We took an amazing field trip to Windsor Castle, Runny Mead (where they wrote the Magna Carta) and Stoke Poges (site where Elegy in a Country Churchyard was written) today. It was a fabulous! Everything was so beautiful, educational and historical and I loved the castle!

Tomorrow I am going to Copenhagen!! I will blog about that when I get back. It will definitely be an adventure.

stoke poges. i want to live in a house like this.

stoke poges

windsor castle gardens

mom, caroline and i at windsor castle.

roommate picture at stoke poges.

windsor castle

“Kira. Can we switch teams?"

Also, please say olive, Jess.


  1. hahaha You captured the reality of the creeps accurately. Also... Rule #1:teams cannot be switched! Your pictures of Stoke Poges and Windsor is beautiful!!! :) Today was Great

  2. cute. i love it when you match with people.