Saturday, May 22, 2010

i believe in fairies.

the london timeout said that if you could only do one thing this week you should:
see peter pan at the barbican theater.
it was a good thing that i have already wanted to see it for months and months, so i obeyed their suggestion. i love peter pan and all things related to disney and johnny depp (sort of pushing it with peter pan, i know. but finding neverland is great.) but, i still really, really wanted to go. i thought that it would be magical, i was right. the show was brilliant, and i loved every minute of it.

i had heard it was a 'new' version, but i was still expecting to hear my favorite songs like 'i don't wanna grow up'. i was wrong. it was an extremely different version of the story, but it didn't matter, it was amazing. one difference: it is supposed to be set in london, not edinburgh. but... this just made me extremely excited for my upcoming trip to scotland on monday.

my personal favorite parts: 'wakey wakey!'. 'hip-hip.......HIP-HIP.............'. 'lost boys forever!!!' the staging, the flying, tinkerbell, oh, and actually, EVERYTHING.

other news:
charlotte comes to london in 5 days.
jess comes to london in 19 days.
the lion king is amazing.
i am obsessed with cath kidston.
i hate every single pair of shoes that i currently have in london, and my feet do not forgive me for walking 20 miles yesterday. (well, what felt like 20 miles around windsor castle)
i saw the changing of the guard at windsor castle, and they were wearing animal skins over their uniforms. luxurious leopard.
i give up on running.
a MOUSE was found in the FRIDGE. disgusting?? totally.

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