Friday, May 14, 2010


today is my nineteenth birthday. on this day, nineteen years ago i was born. it is weird to think about. i am not that old. i don't believe it. also, it feels like i just barely got used to the thought that i was eighteen. however, i'm not any more. i am nineteen. strange.

i went on a run this morning in kensington gardens. it was a beautiful day and i couldn't have been happier. as i was running i decided to stop and sit on the grass and think about the past year. i made a list of everything that has happened this past year that has been great. here are some of the things on that list:
•graduated from high school
•took a trip to italy and greece with some great friends
•made some new friends fall semester and in london
•two semesters of 4.0 in college
•lived in london for 5 months - will be 6
•learned about life, culture and the world
•kept in touch with friends on missions
•made a life plan and goals

however, there are some other things that could have been better. so i have decided that this year is going to be different. this next year is going to be the best year of my life so far. so, i am going to focus on bettering myself. there are a lot of areas and things that this entails, probably too many to list. the most important thing is this year = i will become a better person.

i am excited and optimistic about this goal. the first step in my betterment is this blog. it is here that i will be able to post the things in my life that are going well and are making me happy. currently, i am happy that it has been my birthday today. it has been a fabulous day.

first, my run.

then, presents. i got some really cute things that i am extremely excited about. as my mom would say, they are very "leslie".
one of my favorites:

i seriously love this cath kidston bag. i have wanted one for 5 months.
i also seriously love the freaking cute headband that i am wearing that caroline got me...too bad you can't see the freaking cute part. (the flower print bow)
also notice the chex mix and swedish fish in the background. my grandma sent me the most amazing package filled with all of my favorite american treats, including the new pretzel m&ms that i am excited to try. i love you grandma!!!!

then, lunch at zizzi's. the most delicious italian food in london. fettucine alfredo, chocolate torte and coke. i couldn't have asked for a better lunch.

then, a stop by the hummingbird bakery to grab a beautiful, birthday cupcake.

then, a visit to kensington palace. i have been dying to go and visit the enchanted palace exhibit that is currently going on. i loved it. so so so much. it was so fun to see the palace decorated in the stories of the seven princesses who have lived there. i learned a lot and had a great time with my mom and caroline.

queen for the day

then, dinner at the centre of chicken cordon of my favorite foods. i am so lucky. terri didn't even know that it was my birthday when she planned the meal. i was having nightmares about what i might have to eat for my birthday dinner, but i was definitely pleasantly surprised.

to finish off the great day my family and i are going to watch bright star, the highly acclaimed movie on the life of john keats. i love his poetry and can't wait to watch this movie.

today has been the perfect beginning to my life as a nineteen year old.


  1. fabulous birthday!! THE YEAR OF BETTERING YOURSELF. I love bettering myself, i am so much of a better anna hayes you won't even recognize me. slash i love all that you did on your birthday. i hope mine is that good. isn't it fun being 19 for these three days with me!?! cherish the moments.

  2. who likes keats? let's be real.