Sunday, May 23, 2010


i have a talent.
once upon a time i played the violin.
actually... this was only 6 months ago.
then, i came to london.
without my violin.
i miss it terribly.
i didn't think i would ever miss it this much.
but, i do.
now, since i'm in london, i have the opportunity to go to amazing concerts.
so, i go.
it makes me miss the violin even more.
i get home in 6 weeks.
will i still remember how to play???

last night i went to a concert at the royal festival hall. i picked this particular concert because of a violinist performing lalo's symphonie espagnole. i love this piece. i learned it during my sophomore year of high school, and it instantly became a favorite piece of mine. as i watched the incredible performer my fingers were fingering the notes of the runs that i drilled over and over and over again. memories flooded over me, and i had the feeling that if i wanted to, i could just go and play the entire concerto all of the way through.

every concert that i attend here makes me want to play the violin soooooo badly. sometimes during high school i would forget how much i really enjoyed playing the violin because i was so busy with everything else that i was trying to do. being here, surrounded by so many musically talented people has made me realize that i really do want to keep music a part of my life. somehow.

also, ravel's bolero was amazing.
thank you london philharmonic orchestra for a wonderful concert.

i miss the violin.

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